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We conduct our pre-licensing course every thursday at 4PM and Saturday at 10AM and our driving defensive course monthly. Registration for the pre-licensing Course and Driving Defensive course are taken on a first come first serve basis. Only seats prepaid for the DDC will be held. Register early, Classes fill up Quickly!!

Running the course:

  • Free Road test appointment with every package.
  • Lessons 7 days a week
  • Flexible hours for lessons for all schedules
  • Early Road Test Appointment
  • Driving defensive course. Save 10% on your insurance and four points off your license.
  • Free home, work, or school pick-up and drop-off within city limits.
  • Convenient payment options. Pay in full, pay half now and half later, pay as you go! Just keep current with your package and all payments are due in full one week before your road test.

At ranks an already licensed individual can:

  • Get information on purchasing used vehicles that are half the price of the “Kelly Blue Book” value.
  • Get their 6 hour Driving Defensive Course (DDC) certificate. Which will save you 10% on your insurance as well as reduce accumulated points on your license. Free Time ? Take lessons to learn how to safely ride a motorcycle.
  • Many individuals have a valid NYS license but have not driven for several years. We also offer brush-up lessons to those individuals.
  • Nervous in bad weather.. we have lessons for that. Feel more confident when driving in a winter wonderland and on a rainy day.

For Your Information:

Since 99.5% of collisions are caused by human error our goal is to address the human factor. ” A car is pretty stupid” it can stay parked for 10 Years without crashing, going out of control or rolling over but.. when a human being gets into it things change. The Driver is the only element in the car capable of thinking and making decisions. That’s why proper training and attitude is so important.

Driving is more of a mental skill than a physical skill, let our experience and professional trainers help you become a safer driver !!

We don’t train how to pass the road test, we train you how to drive ! The result is a much more confident and skilled driver. “Passing the road test is easy once you know how to drive.